Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Smoothie Recipe

Just posting this here for lack of somewhere else to post it, not that it has anything to do with this blog, but nobody reads this blog, so it doesn't make any difference...

I'm hoping to get Shannon onto eating breakfast, and preferably a healthy breakfast without too many sugar and white flour carbs like your average bagel, juice and coffee breakfast. Also, this is something I can hand her on her way to the car and she can sip it as she goes. The rest of us drink kefir smoothies, but Shanny took one look at kefir grains and refused ever to let kefir pass her lips again.

Smoothie I'm hoping Shanny will like:

Vanilla yogurt (~1/2 cup)
Orange juice (~1 cup)
Frozen strawberries (~2/3 cup)
Two bananas
Oatmeal (uncooked flakes) (~1/3 cup)
Ground flax seed (~2 rounded tablespoons)

I made this today and Jon and I shared it. It was tasty, if a bit grainy, and plenty for two, so if Shanny makes these for herself next year, she can half the recipe. I'd like to try it with a scoop of whey protein powder, probably vanilla. Our bananas were room temperature; it would be better with chilled or frozen bananas. I can't remember if Shannon hates bananas in smoothies. Somebody does. I hope it is not her, because bananas are so handy and affordable.

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